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Are you a technology enabler? Because I am.

July 23, 2009

Around 7:30 this morning, my mom left me a cryptic voicemail. “Hello, darling. Could you call me back?” Fearing the worst, I dialed immediately.

“Oh, good. Dad can’t find his phone, but last night he heard some kind of chime that sounded like a text message, but now his battery’s dead. So could you text him, please?”

This is a woman who used to wake me up to turn the printer on for her. I tell her that I went geocaching, using my iPhone as a GPS device, and she puts her head in her hands and moans, “Ohhhh, ohhh, I can’t take it…” Yet she’ll gladly use someone else’s phone when offered.

Meanwhile, my dad bought his iPhone last September, but has only resynced it once — last week, after it reverted to factory settings and he thought it broke. He has no battery life, and when I suggest that he buy an extra cable or two, he says that they cost $79.

People! Seriously! You wouldn’t give me a ride to school when I missed the bus, so why should I constantly come over to plug things in? You can navigate Bach motets and write complex grant proposals, so why can’t you follow this? IT’S NOT THAT HARD.

Know how I know that? Because last month my great-aunt joined Facebook.

She’s 94.

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