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links for 2009-05-28

May 28, 2009
  • Here, in the Pittsburgh offices of MAYA ("most advanced yet acceptable") Design, a mashup of design firm and tech-research lab, Chris Pacione, director of MAYA's innovation boot camp, is playing an average consumer — and he can't find the on button. "Some companies are not used to working across silos — design, marketing, engineering," Pacione says later. "They still think design is something that happens at the end: 'Should we paint it red? Or blue?' They'll have brilliant minds working on a project for two years before it hits shelves, and it's not until then they know it's deeply flawed." In other words, if this imagined radio were to actually make it into cars, auto collisions would be on the rise.
  • Most of us don't want to cut down our friendslists. The whole point of social networking was to glean value from those most tenuous relationships, ones that might have been lost in earlier times, but could still come in great use. Therein lies the dissonance: We want to talk to 80% of the people in our networks just 10% of the time. Glue treats friends' comments and filters them by relevance and not recency. But that doesn't solve the larger problem: how do I cut down the flow of social flotsam that I don't want, and get my friends to the top of my feeds? This month, two tools emerged that do just that.
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  1. May 29, 2009 10:12 am

    I can’t tell you how many products have frustrated me to no end because of poor design. Example: my daughter’s inflatable pool raft has leg holes. You sit the child in the raft and they float around the pool. Problem: raft has a high bow and low stern, so when you put the child into the raft, it tips precariously backwards, to the point of upending. Didn’t they ever test this product before selling it? ARRRGHH!

    So, cool article about people that actually THINK about product design and interface. This is why I love Apple products–they actually want people to use AND enjoy their things.

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